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Before your first consultation you are asked to complete a food diary and detailed health & family history questionnaire. The initial consultation is 75 minutes when we discuss what you would like to achieve, possible dietary & lifestyle contributors to your health concern and the outcomes from your forms. We will also agree a strategy for improving your health, linking analysis of your diet and nutrient intake.

Your programme may stretch across three or four visits, spanning six months to a year. Remember that you may have taken many years to arrive at your health deficit, so logically it can take time to undo and redress your health bank account.

A programme is devised. This includes dietary modifications (with menu plans to help), environment or lifestyle changes. Biochemical testing and a supplement programme may also be recommended if appropriate.

You receive nutritionist support and guidance, but you will need to take an active role in your own path to health.

Follow up consultations are 4 - 6 weeks after the initial meeting.

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