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We are what we eat and our diet can affect our health for good or ill.

Nutrition 4 Wellbeing is a science-based, but holistic, approach to illness and health, which involves you and your practitioner working closely together. Nutrition 4 Wellbeing want to help you realise your health potential.

Nutritional Therapy involves diet, physiology and laboratory tests to ascertain any suspected underlying conditions.

Everybody is different which means you need a workable, achievable programme devised specially for you.

Nutritional Therapy is used to help and support a wide range of health issues and some that Sally has particular interest in are:

  • digestive concerns, including IBS
  • weight management
  • candida
  • hormonal imbalances
  • migraines and headaches
  • fatigue
  • chronic fatigue
  • skin complaints
  • menopause and thyroid problems

Sally Gordon

Nutritional Therapist. Trained & Tutor at The Institute for Optimum Nutrition.
Member of BANT. Ongoing CPD and current research. A dedicated and passionate advocate of good nutrition.

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One to One Consultations

In Exeter & Plymouth.
Working with you we devise a strategy for improving your health and helping you achieve your goals.

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Read what other professionals say about Sally Gordon and hear from satisfied clients in a testimonial video.

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Sally Gordon - Nutritional Therapist

Nutritionist: Central Exeter, Plymouth & South Devon

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